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The Kings Banquet Classical Guitar Works

Recorded at Pyramid Sound
Photo by Garden Gate Photography
Manufactured by Disc Makers
1. Romance 4:09
2. Kings Banquet 11:37
3. Allegretto 2:07
4. Ode To Poe 9:31
5. Interlude 1:20
6. Sarabande 8:33
7. Leccions 9:07
8. Field of Flowers 5:13
9. Onwards 5:41
10. Passage In Time 4:20

The CD, "The Kings Banquet" are Solo Classical Guitar Works which were Arranged and Performed by Douglas S White. The Repertoire used is from the 16th to the 19th century, Baroque, Renaissance, Romantic and Classical eras are represented in these arrangements.

Giuliani, Carcassi, Tarraga, Sor, Molinari, Clark, Bach, Beethoven, Carulli, Handel, Dowland, Purcell, de Visee, W Mozart, L Mozart, Cutting, Sanz, and a few others who were Anonymous are all represented on this CD.

In Essence, Track #1, "Romance" stands alone as a traditional work, and Track #2 through #10 is all one arrangement that smoothly transcends from one work to another within each track as well as track to track, always changing but flowing together.

Copyright 1996-1999 by Douglas S White
A Musicke Publications Production | Arranged and Performed By Douglas S White | Edited by Douglas White and Alex Perialas

Our Release of "The Kings Banquet" Classical Guitar Works arranged and performed by Douglas S White
Was available on CD at but it's sold out but the reviews are still over there to read if you want, or add to them if you wish.

The good news is, You can download all the MP3's of the Kings Banquet CD for Free, so, if you want to make yourself one, you can :-)

These MP3's Are Free, Enjoy!

You can Download My Whole Classical Guitar CD for Free, These Downloadable Files are Extremely High Quality 320kbs except Track 2 which is 256kbs because of size restrictions.

1. Romance-------------9.53MB
2. Kings Banquet-------21.2MB
3. Allegretto------------4.90MB
4. Ode To Poe----------21.7MB
5. Interlude-------------3.05MB
6. Sarabande-----------19.5MB
7. Leccions--------------20.9MB
8. Field of Flowers------11.9MB
9. Onwards--------------13.0MB
10. Passage In Time----9.91MB

(The Streaming audio is of lower quality then the Download File)

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