Your Subconscious Mind

A more careful and extended study of the areas of subconscious activities is bound to reveal some wonderful secrets of our inner selves. Every one has a deeper and a greater personality than that which is evident to the casual observer. It is very important, therefore, that you come into a close relationship with this inner mind. You can trust your inner mind to solve the most difficult problems and guard you against defects. The best way is by forming habits. You can educate the inner mind to such an extent that you can depend upon it for help and it will do as you suggest.

There is no limit to what can be obtained with the mind. Whatever you undertake, make up your mind to be successful. We know that if a man starts out with the conviction that he can succeed, he will be much more likely to attain success than will the one who doubts his ability; so it is with this inner mind. Man has no limitations other than those which are self-imposed.

Common sense and the subconscious go hand in hand for "Common sense is nothing but a substratum of experiences out of which our judgments flow while the experiences themselves are hidden away in the unconscious depths of our intellectual nature." Experience is a great teacher and your experiences are all stored away in your sub-conscious mind, to be called upon at your will. They have all left an impression upon the inner self. You have but to look to your deeper self for your best solutions to your worst problems, some of which come because you seek them, but many of which come when you are not seeking them.

Your deeper self always decides your most difficult problems. Sometimes you are conscious of deeply in thought, but more often your inner self sees the matter under consideration without the fact ever rising to your outer consciousness, and finds your answer for you. Instead of mearly asking for a solution of a problem, you should demand it, and you will receive it. To a certain extent you have always done this, but what must be accomplished is to do this consciously, with power and with confidence. Realize that all gives way before the force of a strong will. The will is higher then the mind and controls the mind just as the mind controls the body. The stronger you make your will, the better you will be able to use your mind to its fullest potential at will.

By DSWhite

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