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The Webtv Fritz Fix IF forms vanish on this, or any other page you are visiting and JavaScript stops working, anotherwords, the page will appear not to work; 1)Try hitting "CMD" Plus "R" a few times quickly, to reload the page that way, 2)This "USUALLY" works and the forms will reappear, and JavaScript will start working again. 3)This is due to an "upgrade bug" nick-named the "Fritz" and "CMD" plus Tapping "R" several times quickly in a row to reload the page is the only way I know of to fix it.
Directions For the Auto Bg Loader Directions and Tips... Note; First Read The WebTv Fritz Fix Above, You May Need it WebTVers all over the Web. Save the WebTools page in a F key Shortcut, For if you go there from a Gif or Jpg file, it will automatically Load the image as a Background, Since you already have the image in your catch, it will be instantly loaded as the background, also Did you Know that with Transparent images as Backgrounds, you can change the bgcolor along with it! Cool ain't, Well this Page will text that also as well as test text, link and visited link colors with the background used.
Useing WebTools with your Recent Button To show you how this works, do the 3 steps below; 1)Click this Image file, Wizard Gif 2)Then Click your Recent Button on your Keyboard, 3)Click the webtools page that should be in your Recents if you came from there, (it is at This Link) The wizard will have been inserted as the background of the WebTools Page, as long as the Webtools page is in your Recent Panel From your Keyboard, you can test images this way as well as go back to previous images used to compare the results, all dependant on your recent panel. Also, remember, on the webtools page, you can change the bgcolor, text color, link color, vlink color of the page itself to find color codes that work well with the background image choosen, its above the chart in the middle of the tools page. (a quick jump link is at the very top of the page to get you there quicker)
How the Prompted Webtools Page #2 Works If you want to enter a Url of a Background instead, (by Typing or Cut, Copy, and Paste). Hit the button "(Prompted Image Tester)" and you will be prompted to enter a url of a background, Enter one in the Prompt as you will be taken to Another Page with that background Inserted From which you can test all the colors along with the background inserted. Reload the page to type in another URL of a background to try, Or by the (URL of Background) button or By either cmd plus the R button on your Keyboard, or hit Options the Reload, and repeat the above process.
How to Use the Color Chart; 330000 330033 330066 330099 3300CC 3300FF Notice the pattern across the line? (00,33,66,99,CC,FF) Well to get colors in between its easy. Here is How it works; 330000 330011 330022 330033 330044 330055 330066 330077 330088 330099 3300AA 3300BB 3300CC 3300DD 3300EE 3300FF So this will get you to fine tune colors better; test it in the Input New Values Form, you'll see, its easy! Also the same goes for the front 2 #'s and Middle 2 #'s like; 330033 331133 332233 ect... like above Just look across the chart for a pattern, and change the 2 #'s in the pattern to get colors in between them, How to use Gray Scales; Heres how this pattern works; 000000 111111 222222 333333 ect... to FFFFFF (0123456789abcdef) 000000=black [in between is Grays] FFFFFF=white WebTvs grays are 191919 and 272727 I think if I remember right. See how each set of #'s are the same, so 464646 is also gray, One Last Lesson; You like a color but want it darker or lighter (Gray scaled) well this is easy also, all you do is this; #336699 is the color you like; to make it darker just subtract 1 from each set of numbers, [33 becomes 22] [66 becomes 55] [99 becomes 88] like; 225588 or darker yet 114477 Lighter goes in the opposite direction, like; #336699 becomes #4477aa or lighter yet, #5588bb or even lighter #6699cc (see how easy this is when used with the inputs) Gray scaling is the final touch to any page; Like heres Green #00FF00, (the brightest you can get of green) Gray scale it and you will see what I mean, to gray scale green it goes like this, 00FF00 00EE00 00DD00 00CC00 00BB00 00AA00 009900 008800 007700 006600 005500 004400 003300 002200 001100 There is some really nice dark greens in there, better then any chart ever gave!!!! Doing gray scales Is beyond handy!!! and you'll get that perfect color you wanted, without days of searching. Heres the final test if I explained it all right, gray scale the number #27de8a (Now how do I explain that?) #27de8a scaled one darker is #16cd79 27=16 (2-1=1, 7-1=6) de=cd (d-1=c, e-1=d) 8a=79 (8-1=7, a-1=9) See I subtracted 1 from each number in each number. You can jump down 4 scales if you want to; The Math for #47de8a 47=03 0123456789abcdef de=9a 4-4=0 8a=46 7-4=3 d-4=9 e-4=a 8-4=4 a-4=6 #039a46 is 4 scales darker then #47de8a since a computer reads single digits, (a is 10) (b is 11) (c is 12) ect.. to F [letters must be used to represent the numbers] I have 023456789abcdef on a piece of paper here so I can count back easy when dealing with the letters and reducing and enlaging them for quick jumps down the scale.. NOTE, before reading below; The #FF0000 looks Orange Doesnt it? (Its pure Red) Well thats because of the Background Color, Yes Background Color mixes with the Font colors to make its own color also notice how the bold changes color above also; So this color is a combination of the font color #FF0000 plus the BGCOLOR of #FFEBCD Now heres how the numbers relate to colors; the first 2 digits are the RED, the middle 2 are the Green, the last 2 are the Blue, when you Hit FF in the code, its as much of that color you can get, (there is no GG or HH ect..) when you hit 00, is smallest amount possible which is none by the way, hence #FF0000 is all red and no green or blue, playing this way is like haveing a pallet and mixing your own colors, it will drive you nuts if you dont have a starting point, LOL....

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Instant Validator NOTE: Thank You Thunderstone From all of us at WebTv! Heres how to make a instant F key Validator, React's code; 1)Goto your file manager 2)create a page with NOTHING on it (just a file name) 3)save the file at your File Manager 4)view that blank page you just made 5)save that page now in your WebTv favorites and asign it to a F-key shortcut. 6)re-edit the page and put this script on it and NOTHING ELSE and very first thing!!! <script>location=""+"dox?demo="+history.previous</script> 7)now anytime your viewing a page, hit your F key shortcut and you have a instant validator. (note, yes I know the +" is off the ending of the code, its the only way it works!!!) The old way was the script below; <script>location=""+"dox?demo="+document.referrer</script> If the document referrer works for you use that one if the history previous doesnt for the upgraded plus, I needed the history one!!!
Cut and Paste Workstation Heres How to Make A Cut and Paste F key shortcut; by me; Simplified instructions revised by MiMir, to make the C&P shortcut easier to explain; he couldn't get it to work at geocities yet, but works great at tripod anyway; 1. Go to your account at Tripod and create a new page called clips.html (or whatever.html) 2. After "saving" the page at Tripod with some basic html in it.... go back to the Housekeeper and "Edit" this page again NOTE; make sure you go back to your housekeeper , dont skip this step by useing your back button...... 3. Edit the page again, While in the "edit" mode...."Save" it in your Webtv Favorites and assign it to an F key. Any time you hit this F-Key you will be taken strait to your editor of that page in the edit mode. 4. Hit "Use this html" to "save" your pastings each time you add stuff 5. Make sure you are loged in right at tripod, WebTvers, do not use the popup login screen, use the log-in page instead, if you get the popup login, Do Not Edit the page, just hit "Use this html" in the editor and you will be taken to the login page to log-in corectly, from then on you will be able to edit anything without worry. The # of files you do this with is only limited by your number of F keys.... (or the next trick below of 32 favorites at the touch of a button) WHAT you do with this is only limited by your imagination ;-)
32 Favorites on a F key A expansion on the Idea above to have 32 at the touch of the F key shortcut, 1)create a new folder at webtv favorites 2)make a bunch of Cut and Paste files and save them them all in your new webtv favorites folder like above, in the directions. 3) rename them at webtv favorites each save or they will all be titled the same, to avoid confusion later, :-) 4) when done, save the webtv folder you just made in another folder, 5) now you have a folder inside of a folder, understand~?~ put that on a favorite Key and you can have a quick jump to 32 editor files for cut and paste or whatever if you want,

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