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Url of images;

Image by Mogrify Magick [a phenominal image manipulator] also goto thier main page to load browser jpg files

Gif Changer From VRL [usually busy but a great place]

Choose a filter:

WebFX is a great service for us all
Apply with intensity

* intensities available, + animated effect

Check out Doctor HTML v5 for image urls and anilization

Search for images with Lycos

from Infohiway

Makeing Graphics and Banners
Banner Generator Crecon ZY.com Media Builder
Signboard Factory Button Factory VP Banner Maker 3D Logo
Lucid Images Morgrify Magick Cool Text Animations

Fractal Generator by Cris Siedel among his other admazing programs like the Poor Mans Image Mapper, map file. Alternatively, you can use it to build a client-side imagemap

Here is an Example Image Map. to learn from

Address of gif or jpg image to Map:

color chart color cubes
216 Color Cube with fonts
Thalia Color Guide to fine tune colors

Trip to Prodigal_Son at Tripod or WBS
Goto his WorkStation 1st Page or his Main WorkStation or WorkStation with Chat or his WorkStation Text Dump among his admazing work with frames and javascript like Surf and Cut

Mad Rabbit's Home of his Mad/R Tools like aMad/R Clipboard for Cut and Pasteing or a Mad/R Image Wrecker sorta like above and a Mad/R Audioscope Builder among his tools