FAQ's about Missing Comment Walls
  1. If Your Wall Vanishes, Make a Test Post, 99.99% of the time, your entire wall will come back in full
  2. If test posting Failed to resolve your issue, Post Your Problem *Here* In detail along with a link to your profile.
  3. If you made a post and a wall vanished, Please report how it happened in Detail *Here* so we can track and resolve this issue for all
  4. If you see a wall that has vanished, please make a test post for the person so they get their wall back and help them resolve their issue

FAQ's About Profile Photos
  1. While We Are Inside of Facebook, There will NOT be a way to add a NF Profile Photo different then your Facebook account.
  2. If your FB photo is not showing in NF, *Click Here* and set your setting in the privacy search option to Everyone.
  3. Also, *Change your Other Privacy Settings Here* to make sure you are not blocking the Photo in that Privacy Setting
    • Please Note, that is a FB setting and may take up to 3 hours for them to update the new changes before your photo shows in NF.
  4. Post Other profile Photo Issues Here in Detail with all information of the problem you are having conserning your profile Photo

FAQ's Emailing Developers On FB
  1. Facebook Email is NOT designed to be a support system, and imposes Limits on the amount of emails that can be sent from a account.
  2. Assume we can not respond and hit out limit of emails allocated to us. Tell us what you want to say without asking for a response, as most likely, we cant respond in the first place.
  3. Bug Reports Need Details, Without extreme details, nothing can be done, user ID's, Links to the problem in question, How it happened, what were you doing at the time.
  4. Make the Subject line Concise and to the point, Get your main thought into the subject line AND first few words of the message so we know what the message is about Before even opening it
  5. Research and Check the Forums Here for others that may be having the same issue, and if not, Post your Problem in that forum first before emailing us.
  6. Our email Is for troubleshooting, not for whining, we troubleshoot bugs and development, we do not take sides on any issue between people.
  7. Of course there are exceptions to the above rules, but assuming we can not respond, is no exception... most likely we can not respond to a email due to FB limits they allow us
  8. If at all possible, See this FAQ in the forum and post your question there if it does not require a personal email so the right admins can look into the problem, as we each take care of different sections of NF

FAQ's about Receiving Honor Badges
  1. Most FAQ's On Badges are explained throughout the site on the page where you can receive badges
  2. Naughty Pic Badge, Upload a Naughty Pic and you get a Badge
  3. Dungeon Badge Get thrown in the Dungeon and get out you get a badge
    • It takes 10 spanks from another to escape the dungeon
  4. Special Contributor's Badge is extra special, given to those that contribute to the betterment of this community on a daily basis Without being asked, helping and not hindering on their own free will
    • You receive this Contributor badge if a admins see's a person being extra helpful to all of the community
    • Do Not expect a badge for doing one good deed, and then ask for a badge, this badge is earned by the heart of the person over time in helping community members
    • How will we know? Well, A person that helps a lot of people daily will get seen, a person that only helps a tiny bit, will be hard to see, pretty simple, it is about heart and truly helping people on a daily basis here, and giving cash to another, is not the kind of help we are talking about...
  5. Donation Badges are described on the Donation page *Click Here to Donate*
    The donation goals help restore the economy and we will release new features when these goals have been attained.
  6. Blogging Badges are explained on the *Diary Depot* main page
    • Please Note that they have NOT been interfaced to be automatic yet, when they are, you will receive your badges as described on the *Diary Depot* Main Page
  7. Commenter Badge is Earned when you comment on 25 diary entries
  8. Diary Badge is Earned when you post 25 entries.
  9. Hot Post Badge is Earned when one of your posts gets more than 15 comments.
  10. Subscriber Badge is Earned when you get more than 50 subscribers.

FAQ's about Refund Issues
  1. All Refund issues are directed to this Forum thread on Money losses, So Please Post your refund issues Here and follow the instructions of the very first Posting
  2. Please copy & paste your feed that shows everything that occurred
  3. As well as your Profile Page URL address, If you are not sure how to get it..try this..
    • Click on your Profile picture on your NF profile
    • Then up at the top there is a address with numbers at the end like this..
    • And copy and paste your URL in the Money issue thread
  4. Thats it....this will make it easier for Moderators to find you..
    Thanks again...
    *Grins....NL MOD

FAQ's about Account Deactivation
  1. On Your Settings Page *Here*, The same Setting link is also on each of your profiles... The very bottom that page has the deactivation/activation details which prevents you from being bought and sold in Naughty Land.
  2. If you decide to come back to NF, The same location in Settings is where you would restore your account.
  3. If you are having other issues or find bugs in this new addition, Please post your problem In This Forum thread in Detail, with as much detail to the problem you are experiencing
  4. This FAQ On this subject is a Build in progress, so suggestions on improvements is most welcome to be posted in the FAQ Forum Thread on this very topic of account deactivation