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This online course is based on the "Shaftesbury System" of Magnetism. Various names have been given to this form of Magnetism, from Personal Magnetism to Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism to Hypnosis, in short, it is the tapping into a energy force that is present everywhere from the air we breath to the latent powers locked in our minds. For all has energy, positive and negative. I will teach you how to acquire this "positive" power for use in a tangible way. If I were asked what I would consider man's greatest and most valuable asset, I would unhesitatingly answer "Magnetism" for it will bring happiness to those possessing it.

The Person with a charming personality is wanted everywhere, while the millionaire cad will not be tolerated, except to be made a joke of. In every walk of life we are constantly swayed by the charm and the "Magnetic Personality" of some whom we meet. Those who are the most fascinating achieve the greatest successes.

Magnetism is not a subtle force possessed by only a few, but it is a latent power which may be developed by every one of us. There are a few persons who are born naturally magnetic in all areas of this science, but the power is usually acquired by a cultivation of habits.

The first law one must learn is a simple law of nature, this power should be use for the good. "Do on to others as you would have done to yourself", I must impress upon you that you must always use your forces wisely. If you should thus attempt to misuse the power you acquire, I can assure you with the absolute certainty that you will draw unto yourself penalties in exact proportion to the wrongs you have done.

These instructions are guaranteed to accomplish wonders using purely scientific lines, which is practical and appeals to reason, and as one secret is unfolded the key to another is placed in your hands. Thus, I put all this knowledge into a condensed form of secrets with emphasis only on what's important. I left out most examples (except when nessessary) in every day life for use of this power for all one has to do is take a look around at people (past & present) and you will understand as these teachings progress. Magnetism can be acquired by studying magnetic people and imitating their ways but it will not be natural, for true magnetism is within yourself, made by good habits and it is something you have with you all the time. Not just when you want the power. Before learning by imitating, you must learn what is truly magnetic and not a veneer,or false magnetism which is covered in the four appetites chapter.

The first secret to these studies is to make them a habit for it is just as easy to develop a good habit as it is a bad habit. Every person has some desirable qualities,and also some undesirable ones. Eliminate the undesirable "Habits" and build up and replace with desirable "Habits". Once a habit,the sub-conscience takes over and you will be on the way to developing this power in a natural manor, with ease, truly learned.

Your Subconscious Mind

A more careful and extended study of the areas of sub-conscience activities is bound to reveal some wonderful secrets of our inner selves. Every one has a deeper and a greater personality than that which is evident to the casual observer. It is very important, therefore, that you come into a close relationship with this inner mind. You can trust your inner mind to solve the most difficult problems and guard you against defects. The best way is by forming habits. You can educate the inner mind to such an extent that you can depend upon it for help and it will do as you suggest.

There is no limit to what can be obtained with the mind. Whatever you undertake, make up your mind to be successful. We know that if a man starts out with the conviction that he can succeed, he will be much more likely to attain success than will the one who doubts his ability; so it is with this inner mind. Man has no limitations other than those which are self-imposed.

Common sense and the sub-conscious go hand in hand for "Common sense is nothing but a substratum of experiences out of which our judgments flow while the experiences themselves are hidden away in the unconscious depths of our intellectual nature." Experience is a great teacher and your experiences are all stored away in your sub-conscious mind, to be called upon at your will. They have all left an impression upon the inner self. You have but to look to your deeper self for your best solutions to your worst problems, some of which come because you seek them, but many of which come when you are not seeking them.

Your deeper self always decides your most difficult problems. Sometimes you are conscious of deeply in thought, but more often your inner self sees the matter under consideration without the fact ever rising to your outer consciousness, and finds your answer for you. Instead of mearly asking for a solution of a problem, you should demand it, and you will receive it. To a certain extent you have always done this, but what must be accomplished is to do this consciously, with power and with confidence. Realize that all gives way before the force of a strong will. The will is higher then the mind and controls the mind just as the mind controls the body. The stronger you make your will, the better you will be able to use your mind to its fullest potential at will.

Fires of Magnetism

All people belong to one of the following inherited magnetic temperaments or a blend of two or more of them. Even though these inherited influences are crossed and counter-crossed in yourself, they must be separated and studied apart. Likewise,there is a magnetic current of fixed, inherited, influences belonging to each and every one of us.

The Blue-eyed person,when magnetic, is light, happy, cheerful, active, and quick. The blood and muscles express a magnetic force within. When un-magnetic, this person becomes cold,has a revengeful nature,and the mind becomes unreasonable in its demands.

The Gray-eyed person,when magnetic,is cool,calculating,and steady in nerve and muscle.Talks little and looks you coolly in the eye when a purpose is at stake.You will feel compelled to do all the talking in hope that you will be rewarded by some show of acceptance, but his face never relaxes into a assent, so you keep on expressing and thinking of new ideas to try to achieve this reward.

A Black-eyed person (as in the iris) is deep and dangerous, when magnetic, the nature, eyes, expression, grasp, the very presence indicates warmth; when un-magnetic there is a nervous irritability that affects all who are near him. Self-containment and steady in nerve are sure signs of power,excitability in general is his weakness.

The Brown-eyed person, when magnetic,is caring, affectionate, rich in expression of energy, but it is hard for them to hold to a steady purpose unless fixed habits have been brought about by trained practice of your subconscious.

All spontaneous exhibitions of energy must come from your inherited temperament, and the degree of magnetism and its success in use with others depends upon the stage of the development of you inner-self.

All deliberate exhibitions of magnetism must come from your acquired temperaments but will be easy to do when made into habits as part of your sub-conscious. These may be highly cultivated and are most easily assumed in opposites.


We would never expect to find an highly accomplished person only in his native temperament. Study others for practice,seek to determine their power and weakness in magnetism as related to eye-color.

Now muscular does not mean big and large muscles but "active of what muscle they possess" all beauty is controlled by muscular development for the contour of the body, and all the shapes of beauty are determined by the muscular arrangements of the flesh.

With morals, there are good & bad morals, moralizing natures, and natures easily influenced by good and bad motives or by right or wrong. All these attach to the class of people who are affectionate in their magnetic temperaments and there energy shows in their moral blends of life. to try to explain this further, Eye color does not affect the ethical tendencies of the heart.

The key to this chapter is to cultivate all of the fires of magnetism into a sub-conscious habit,that you are aware of consciously. The Voice, Eye, and Touch are most important in putting your power to use. The chart below, If not at first understood, you will understand by the end of this course as your learning process unfolds. All people belong to one of the following temperaments or a combination of two or more of them.

Color of Eyes Class Use of Energy The Way & Description Where Energy Comes From
Blue Beautiful (Or light) Muscular Way (Contour of Body) Light,happy,cheerful,brilliant,active,quick,ever lively & happy Muscles & Blood show magnetic force (tensing & eating)
Gray Cold (Mental or Thoughtful) Mental Way (not excitable nor important, a cold ray of un-flickering light) Cool,calculating,steady in nerve,unflinching in muscle,talking little when purpose is at stake,looks you coolly in eyes when talked to,face never relaxes in agreement Never shows emotion or says a word or even nod when talked to (Dead Stillness)
Black Deep (Dangerous) Nervous Way (The motor & sensory nerves are affected) The nature,the eyes,the expression,the grasp,the very presence suggest warmth Self containment,steady at nerve (Dead Stillness)
Brown Affectionate Moral Way (in the heart) Affectionate,rich in expression of energy Hold to a steady purpose & use habit to do it (Mind)

Acquired temperaments of opposites are most easily attained and can be highly cultivated. If you do not understand this chapter,defer the re-reading of it until you are drawn back by your own magnetism, by then all will fall into place. At this stage of our study, magnetism is the central influence of all, having four branches; each person being capable of using, as well being controlled by, any one or all of the four temperaments.

The Eyes Pupil

These next two chapters,"The Eyes Pupil" & "Tones in Voice" are a overview which can be easily obtained by following the teachings of this course. You will be amazed of how easily these goals will be obtained and retained.

The pupil of the eye is the indicator of ones magnetic condition. When the energy is lacking, the pupil is small, but as the magnetic fires are kindled, the pupil expands in proportion as the energy within takes possession of the iris. Under great nervous arousal, the pupil, blazing and intense can expand to the point of your eye having no trace of the iris and become "jet black". Some people capable of mastering the wills of others depend solely on this power of pupil expansion, the beholder realizes the change in the face before him, but does not analyze nor realize it's nature, which can leave him helpless.

It does not mean that anyone, at will, can expand the pupil at will, but excessive magnetism can result in pupil expansion. On the other hand, the most magnetic individuals do not allow this power to manifest itself except when they choose to call it into use. For their eyes are apparently lifeless like in a half-sleep state, resting, thus being prepared for the lightning energy that may be called upon for some special need.

  1. Arousal creates magnetism
  2. Great nervous arousal dilates the pupil
  3. The pupil indicates magnetism-(the smaller the pupil the weaker, the larger the stronger)
  4. A dilated pupil can master the wills of others-(it makes a person helpless)
  5. A increase of magnetism leads to the expansion of the pupil
  6. Speaking in a eloquent passion,controls the pupil
  7. A speech that has grace & force,very expressive, & of very,very strong feeling,highly emotional is one of the keys to you power.(Entire Countries have been "Mesmerized" by this method)
  8. There is no limit to the power you can obtain

Tones in Voice

Once your voice is trained,by Habit,(And your sub-conscious takes over), all that will be learned will be retained and will be natural to you. Remember it is just as easy to form a good habit as it is a bad habit. Your mind has no limit.

A voice under certain emotional feelings possesses "healing or hypnotic tones". These tones do not bring on hypnotic sleep, but bring the hearers into a highly awakened state in which their thinking powers seem to follow the thoughts of the speaker and to empty their minds of all else.

Voice has a number of tones that exert an instant influence over hearers and can be acquired quickly when the way of producing them is understood and learned.

  1. Different tones are used for different results
  2. One tone is used to put babies to sleep
  3. Another for holding the attention & respect of people
  4. A tone for winning success,(A salesman for example)
  5. A tone that arouses instantly the desire for a audience to listen and give absorbed interest in what is said.
  6. Use a round voice-(Pure)
    Use pitch in voice-(Modulation)
    Use emotion in voice-(Color)
    Be flexible in your voice-(Vary)
    And do not speak to much

All of these can and will be easily obtained if you put your mind to it. Before you can control the will of others, you must be able to be in complete control of your own mental facilities, and this power must only be used for the good. Magnetism is a magnet for which you attract, used for the good and you attract the like, used for evil purposes, and I can assure you, you will attract evil onto yourself in exact proportion. "Do onto others as you would have done to yourself." That is what you will receive in return.


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