Common Table Making Mistakes... :)
The Common Table Mistakes are...
  1. Not closing the <table>, <tr>, or <td> tags
  2. or closing them improperly in the wrong order
  3. Using <tr> and <td> in the incorrect order
  4. Using the *form* tag inside of a table
  5. Placing tables within inline elements, such as <b> or <h1>
  6. Misplacement of formatting tags, (the <b> in the example)
    • (i.e., Incorrect <table><b><tr><td>I am bold</td></tr></b></table>)
    • (i.e., Correct <table><tr><td><b>I am bold</b></td></tr></table>)
  7. Spacing before a </td> (advanced trouble shooting)
  8. Forgetting to set *all* table attributes to zero when going for a seamless table, as the cellpadding and cellspacing defaults to 1 and 2, setting to 0 overrides the default
  9. also in a table, using incorrect wording for the align and valign attribute,
    • (e.g. Incorrect <td valign="center">)
    • (e.g. Correct <td valign="middle">)
      • The align tags are... left, right, and center
      • The valign tags are... top, middle and bottom
      • Note that the td align tag is broke inside of facebook
  10. Text in the Void
    • <table>
      <tr><td>Text in cell</td></tr>
      <tr><td>Text in cell</td></tr>
      HELP! I'm lost in the void!
    • Why does that display like this, they ask:
      • HELP! I'm lost in the void!
        Text in cell
        Text in cell
    • It's because "HELP! I'm lost in the void" is in a table (between <table></table> tags), but not in between table cells <td></td>. The browser will dump that info in the "void" out on top of the table (for some browsers)....