How to Change Color and Size Of Fonts... :)

Changing Color and Size Of Your Fonts

<font color="red"> Here is red text </font>

<font color="#ff0000"> Here's Red in Hex values </font>

Here are the Font sizes, they range from 1 to 7

<font size="1"> this is size 1 </font>
<font size="2"> this is size 2 </font>
<font size="3"> this is size 3 </font>
<font size="4"> this is size 4 </font>
<font size="5"> this is size 5 </font>
<font size="6"> this is size 6 </font>
<font size="7"> this is size 7 </font>

You can also combine the font codes all in one font code like this...

<font face="verdana" color="blue" size="3"> and this will be blue verdana size 3 text </font>