Diary Description Editor FAQ's
  • This is a html editor for modifying the top of your Diary, as well as modifying your pages colors in the near future, as all html editors though out NF, Do Not Use Forms as you will break your Editor

  • Understand, We are Not Myspace, and installing CSS profile codes designed for Myspace can serious mess up your Profile and Diary, only advanced users of css should attempt custom modifications not presently supported by Fun & Naughty Friendz

  • If everything in your Diary after a submit vanishes or goes out of whack, you entered some bad code and it needs to be re-edited to be fixed, under your settings as all editors, has a reset to clear all coding in this editor to start again.

  • Do Not use forms in this or any html editor, as you will need to reset to clear your code as it will break your editor. Clearing the code will fix this under settings

  • The Images posting rules of No nudity or Excessive suggestiveness in sexual acts apply here and through out all of Fun & Naughty Friendz, If you can't see it on regular TV, then you can't post it here, Porn is Strictly Forbidden!!!

  • The best place to practice and learn HTML is in a OLD Diary post, as the diary editor has complete HTML lessons included, and you can re-edit and submit your results to see, and learn and practice codes before you would install them in your CageName Section, AboutMe Section, another's nickname or wall through out the site,

    • (Use a old diary post as that will not register on the Diary Depot Main page keeping your practice coding semi private not interfering with new posts being submitted for the recent post feeds)

    • (Or Name a diary Post, HTML practice Pad or something, and then, always use that same for all your practice needs)