Basic FAQ's on all Editors

All Titles Do Not Use Forms The Basics with all Editors
  1. Naughty Friends believes in HTML and the fun it can create in freedom of expression, and we are one of the few sites that allow html through out, we feel, the few down falls are well worth all the pluses that can come from using it, and the site is designed for ease of use in the KISS method.
  2. All editors have the edit link right where the code will be installed
  3. All Profile editors have a reset function at the settings link on your profile, The Diaries have the edit and delete on your Diary Posting on your Diary Page
  4. The best place to practice and learn HTML is in a OLD Diary post, as the diary editor has complete HTML lessons included, and you can re-edit and submit your results to see, and learn and practice codes before you would install them in another's nickname or wall through out the site,
    • (Use a old diary post as that will not register on the Diary Depot Main page keeping your practice coding semi private not interfering with new posts being submitted for the recent post feeds)
    • (Or Name a diary Post, HTML practice Pad or something, and then, always use that same for all your practice needs)
You have 4 editors on your profile page and each allows HTML, as well as the wall comments, and your cage editor is where you can modify the colors of your Home Page

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