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Support Posting Guidelines...
  • Support Is a Moderated Support Forum with Guidelines To Ensure Quick Answers and Help To All That Ask

  • Please Read The FAQ's On Each Subject Before Posting Your Question

  • Stay On Topic With The Selected Support Issue

  • When You Have Trouble & Need Help, be sure to provide as much information as possible in order to help debug the problem.

  • Do Not Ask For Another, this causes issues of confusion with lack of accurate info, as only the person needing help has all the info we need

  • Flooding, Flaming and Spam, Is Unacceptable Behavior

  • Only Post your Message once, it will get Read and the issue Looked into, repeating the same thing will not help you get answers any sooner

  • Private Email Shall Not Be Posted In Public Without The Owners Consent, This is extremely Bad Online Netiquette

  • Complaints About other users should be directed in Email to *APP Support* From Your Inbox, Not In this Forum, and the matter will be handled Privately

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