The Most Common HTML Mistakes... :)
  1. The most common mistakes in HTML are usually just plain human mistakes
  2. Misspelling a tag... Using *here* instead of *href* or using scr instead of *src*...
  3. A Missing closing tag... (i.e. <b> and </b>). If a tag needs to surround something like text, then it must be closed. There are a few exeptions, like <hr> and <br> that do not not use a closing tag...
  4. Failing to surround an attribute with double quotes and quotes should be used for for *all* attributes!
    • (e.g. Incorrect <font color=#ffffff>)
    • (e.g. Correct <font color="#ffffff">)
  5. Missing a quotation mark.... Dropping a quote providing only one of a set for an attribute.(e.g. this="that or this=that" and should be, this="that")
  6. Leaving off one of the brackets -- < > -- that surround a tag,
    • (e.g. Incorrect <font color="#ffffff")
  7. Using the word, *color* instead of *bgcolor* to make the table a differnt color, bgcolor is for tables and color is for fonts...
  8. Unbalanced Tags by mis-matching the starting and ending tags,
    • (e.g. Incorrect <H1> ... </H2>)
    • or (e.g., starting with <OL> and ending with a </UL>)
  9. Failing to include the proper ending tag -- either by omitting the required slash (/), or forgetting the entire ending tag all together, turning your entire page into bold text...
  10. Common Image mistakes,
    • a) The misspelling of *src*... It is src and not scr...
    • b) Calling a gif image when you meant jpg, and vise versa...
    • c) Not using width and height atributes, (Using them makes fast loading pages)
  11. Linking mistakes...
    • a) calling "href" *here*
    • b) Forgetting http:// in a link...
      • (e.g. Incorrect, <a href="">)
      • (e.g. Correct, <a href="">)
    • c) missing one or both quotes, double quotes folks.. ;-)
    • d) forgetting to close the link with </a>
    • e) Providing an incorrect URL in an Anchor tag, causing the link to fail
  12. Improper use of form tags... The form tag is a block-level tag, meaning that it starts a new section of your page. It is a common mistake to use the form tags within tables.
    • Incorrect: <table><form><tr><td>..... </td></tr></form></table>
    • Correct: <form><table><tr>.... </tr></table></form>
  13. Improper nesting of HTML tags... HTML tags should/must be closed in the opposite order than which they were opened.
    • (e.g. Incorrect <i><b>text</i></b>)
    • should be (e.g. Correct <i><b>text</b></i>)