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Faq Help File

Welcome to The Naughty Friend FAQ Help Page

The "GOAL" of this "SOCIAL GAME" is to have "FUN!"
    Flirt... Be as Naughty As Possible, keeping it Clean But Suggestive,
    Be Imaginative with your Freedom of Thought and Expression
    Interact within this Community, find Like Minded Individuals,
    be as "NAUGHTY" as Possible! And Have FUN!!!

Where You Begin:

    You begin your journey by checking out your Profile page.

    The Top section has a news feed for present website issues and status

    As well as your over all standing with
    Points and Cash and Cage Pets

    Along with Links To Your;

Naughty Land

Suggest ideas/improvements Link
    Feedback and Ideas for "Your Community" is very important to us,
    Submit your Ideas and Questions here, but please, read the last page of
    comments before posting a problem, as it is possible your same problem
    may have been reported by a few people right before you.

Your "Name's Profile" links to the Naughty Profile Your Visiting

| Main | Gifts | Favors | Battles | Past Pet/Owners | My Wishlist |
    • The Main Links to the Naughty Profile of the Person Your Visiting
    • Gifts are where you can see all the gifts a person received
    • Favors, explained "Here", links to that persons favors.
    • Battles is a Future Feature coming soon
    • Past Pet / Owners, Lists all of that persons past Owners and Pets
    • The Wishlist acts as your Favorite Folder for your eyes only

The 3rd section,
    (where the profile picture is) condenses all the necessary actions to get involved with game play, More Explanations to come....

The 4th section,
    (About Me Home Page Editor) More explanations in the very near future coming soon, ;-)

The 5th section,
    (About Me Home Page Editor) More explanations in the very near future coming soon...

The 6th section,
    (Your Private action feed) is where you view you naughty actions sent or received...

The 7th section,
    (Your Personal Cage Editor) is where you edit the top of your cage...

The 8th section,
    (The Cage pet section) is where you can change your look
    with wallpaper and other items in the near future... also,
    This shows all your pets you presently Own in your cage,
    and at the Bottem of the this section, is the Naughty Point
    total and Cash Value of all the pets of your cage combined.

The 9th section,
    And A whole bunch more Info Under construction...,

The Comment Section;
    This is a great way to meet, interact and meet Fun People of the Community.
    Flirt, Joke around, Talk with and get to know the towns folk, you may even
    Find a Date or Even your Soul Mate... just never know.. :-)

    Also, Why Not Comment & Welcome New Members To the Community
    & Give them a Welcome Spank while your there, ;-) Besides Making
    Newcomers Feel Welcome, the more comments you make through
    out the site, Makes your Profile assessable for people surfing for Naughty
    Friends like yourself, needing a good Lick or Poke, lol, :-)

    The more profiles you comment on, The More your Profile Link becomes
    available To all members surfing for Naughty Friends to Nibble on through
    Out all of Naughty Land. As, we all just want to have a Spanking good time, :-)

The Block Feature
    In the Bottom right hand corner is where you Block A User from visiting
    your profile in any way. This is a Total Block!, and presently, can not be
    removed except by administration,
    We here at Naughty Friends, Believe...
    that if a person is annoying you in anyway, a total block is all that is needed,
    and poof!, he/she can not come and visit you anymore.

    With that, be sure, use it wisely, and most importantly, if your trying to
    Annoy Someone and not show them respect... They Now have a way...
    to just Totally Block You, from interacting with them in our fine community
    forming, :-)

    Those Blocking a Person, Be ABSOLUTELY SURE BEFORE clicking that
    Block Link, and you really want to Block that Pedicular person from your Profile.

    Naughty Friends is about Having Fun and Being Naughty....
    (let's keep it suggestive...and clean :)

    Now Go Flirt & Have fun on a magic carpet ride, & watch out for rug burns, :-)